About IDT 507

This site will primarily be used for the course IDT 507 Information Technologies at SUNY Polytechnic Institute of Technology. There will be four main pages outlining the four modules discussed in the course, which are Pre-telegraphy, Electronics, Computing and 21st Century Information Technologies.


  • Assess how people use information technology, and how characteristics of information technologies facilitate certain uses
  • Identify basic developments in the history of information technology, and key trends in the history and emergence of the Internet.
  • Produce well-designed information products detailing affordances and uses of information technologies.
  • Develop skills associated with producing and making productive use of critiques of information products.


  • Create information products that demonstrate understanding of information technology in historical and theoretical context.
  • Create information products that demonstrate an understanding of information design principles.
  • Create information products that demonstrate an ability to select and utilize contemporary and appropriate tools and platforms.