21st Century Technology

For this module, I wanted to focus on the differences between the old generation and the new generation in relation to digital media. The old generation is often referred to as the users of print media. For them, the digital world is completely different than what they are used to and its’ uses do not seem necessary to them in an everyday life. However, the digital world is inevitable, is spreading quick and pretty soon, everything will be on the Internet. While it may be new to the new generation as well, they seem to be interested in it a lot more as it fulfills certain needs and desires that are different from those of the old generation.

Uses and Gratifications Theory

The project will include the different needs digital media fulfills between the old generation and the new generation. The old generation mainly uses digital media to carry out needs of  everyday responsibility and security simply because there is no other way to get things done in the digital world. However, the new generation uses it for socializing, gaining knowledge or skill and a virtual escape from the real world.

The Prezi link to the Module 5 presentation can be located here.