You’re sitting in the dining room working on a project for the Information Design and Technology program on your laptop, while checking your text messages on your phone at the same time. On your laptop, you see the same text messages pop up on your Message application. In the living room, your brother sits on the couch with his phone in his hand, checking social media while watching the news on the television. Your mother stands in the kitchen cooking dinner, while talking on the phone with your father.
He tells her he is a minute away from home. She calls your younger brother from the upstairs room as he is playing video games on his television, to come downstairs for dinner. He comes downstairs looking down at the phone in his hand, texting his friends. Your brother and you both sit down at the table with your phones. Your mother also checks her phone to see how much longer it will take your father to come home. Now, all four of you are on your phones at the dinner table.” (Inspired by Survey of communications study)

old-television-1950-images-9This here is an example of the modern day family household, where the radio, television and the internet have become the leading and the dominant medium for communication. (Source) The invention of the telegraph has completely transformed way of communication between individuals and families. Between 1920’s and 1950’s, radio and TV were two famous inventions that had, and still have up to this day, a huge impact on the social, political and cultural lives. Along with the internet, the two mediums, are still widely used across the world today.